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our class are relaxing, creative as all are welcome, no matter what levels or experience you have.

Kids art and craft - 90min classes, designated themes / activities and stories to encourage kids to participate and learn. We emphasis problem solving skills and we guide kids to look for options, and explore materials.   Book now!

Calligraphy classes - 60min class we teach, practice, chat and have a cup of tea.  We share knowledge of Chinese culture and history. You can join us anytime of the year and we encourage you come to a series of 3 classes at least as we have continuous themes and practices for students. However it is all good you take your time or discuss with us. we have our own writing templates with creative stroke practicing exercises.    Book now!  


our class takes place at a spacious studio where all stationary and light refreshment / tea is provided. 

we have a special theme for each class and our past themes include the various types of scripts, the making of the stationary and its heirtage, Chinese words, Tang poems etc.

in the 90min class we discuss strokes, practice and explore the beauty of this traditional art form. 

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kids art and craft

we are adored because of our fun exciting art class ! in the past we have worked on various themes including

our various projects that encourage the great minds and their little fingers can practice various skills in creative sticking, cutting, co ordination or group work.  moms and dads and carer are encouraged to stay.

space man, robots, balloon aliens, birds and butterflies and nature, festivals, cupcakes, ice creams, aquariums, fashion and dressing up, 

our standard classes in the rest of 2019, again, will last 1.5 hour play to create either a clock, photoframe, dinosaur lattern,  pizza slices, greeting cards making with yarn and wool, origami, fairy wands and tutu, bath toy making, which including skills in 3D modeling, painting, clay and play doh, cut and paste, for kids aged 2-6 !

as always all materials are included and please bring your own protective clothing as it will be messy!!       

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main office: Lv4 215 Victoria Street Fitzroy VIC 

classes: Fairfield Community Center




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